Sunday, May 30, 2010

OK, so I messed up. Admitted. But it seemed harmless enough at first.

My garage doors were open. Some springtime birds were flying and flitting around. I was caught somewhere between mild amusement and complete oblivion at their presence and activity. And besides, they weren't ramming their heads into my sliding glass door. So what was the harm?

The harm was that they nested in the eaves of my garage - not one loving Purple Martin couple but two. Sigh.

One day, a passing thought occured to me (among kid's ballgames, meetings and worship services): Shoo them away. I neglected the thought. Another day, I heard the dreaded sounds of tiny chicks screeching for food. Sigh (loudly). Now, what to do? I couldn't bring myself to upset the nest(s) of little ones. Surely, a pastor with creational concern can't kill chicks, right? Right?

So, Spring has worn on with flocks of birds flying in and out of my garage. It seems the Purple Martins are inviting their friends over. Seriously, come on! Of course, my garage floor, cars, bikes, lawn mower, paint cans, garbages cans, and generally everything is covered in a layer of bird "evidence." I'm ready to turn against my creational concern.

Tonight, it seems the chicks have flown the coop. I don't hear their pitiful calls anymore. I'm considering shutting the garage doors. Do you think the parents will get the hint and find new lodging? Or will they begin attacking my sliding glass door?

If I just keep the doors shut long enough - make those outsider birds uncomfortable enough - then maybe they (and their droppings) will stay away for good. Then, my garage will be clean, quiet and only open for me and those I want in there. Sounds pleasant. Sounds good.

Then again, am I talking about my garage or the church?

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